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Our Mission Statement

TEPOZ ROSA A. C., is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer amongst the women of Tepoztlan, Morelos.

Our Vision

To consolidate our actions in the Municipality of Tepoztlan while becoming a point of reference throughout the State of Morelos for our social work and humanitarian efforts.


December 2022 newsletter

Well installed in the newly-built CASA TEPOZ ROSA, this year has been one of growth and consolidation for our organization.

Our History

In 2013, two residents of Tepoztlan, both survivors of breast cancer, saw the need for early detection as means to combat the mortality rate of the disease, one of the highest in Mexico.

​The rural nature of Tepoztlan means few health facilities are available. Most diagnosis/treatment for cancer must happen in Mexico City.

​The first early detection campaign that same year carried out 280 free screenings over a 3 day period.

Our History

It became apparent that support -financial, therapeutic and logistical- was essential for any patient detected with breast cancer and requiring treatment.

Tepoz Rosa A.C., added this goal to its initial one.

​In 2015 Tepoz Rosa A. C., was legally constituted.

​In 2016 the organization was authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts.

Our Achievements

Eight annual early detection campaigns have provided over 6,000 free screenings to the women of the municipality.

​In 2019 Tepoz Rosa added cervical cancer screenings. Working with the Fundación Luis Pasteur, 350 women were attended in 3 days.

Now thanks to an alliance with Amistad Canada, a CRA-registered Canadian charity that enables Canadians and Mexicans to collaborate on projects to improve the quality of life for Mexican communities in need, Tepoz Rosa is able to expand the Cervical Cancer Screening programme to six regular visits a year.

​Financial, psychological and logistical support has been provided for the treatment of 25 women who have tested “positive” for breast cancer.

​The launch of an outreach programme to reach the remotest communities of the municipality has enabled us to launch a permanent campaing.

​Programmed free screenings of 12 – 15 women per month in Cuernavaca with transportation provided.

​364 ultrasound studies completed (required in “inconclusive” results) carried out.

Our First

Thanks to a private donation received in 2017, Tepoz Rosa A.C., was able to rent a premise from which to provide the community with:


  • General information about breast cancer.
  • Information about our services.
  • A space for meeting and a programme of workshops.
  • Office facilities for administrative purposes.

Our New
Casa Tepoz Rosa

This will be the new home for Tepoz Rosa A. C.; a multipurpose space from which we can run our breast cancer and cervical cancer detection campaigns for the municipality of Tepoztlan and provide the auxiliary support services so necessary for the women in treatment and their families.

​It is our hope that CASA TEPOZ ROSA will become the recognized ‘go to’ centre in Tepoztlan for anyone anxious for information, orientation and help on al matters related to breast cancer. We believe the space will enable us to offer a greater range of related courses, carer training facilities and occupational therapies for the entire community.

CASA TEPOZ ROSA has been built entirely from donations. It was inaugurated at the beginning of 2022.

For further information or to make a donation, please contact us:


To make a donation:

And for all Canadian donors wishing to receive tax deductible receipts, please go to our partners amistadcanada.org and press “donate now”.

Our Volunteer Group

In 2013 a group of women from the local community formed a team of volunteers to support Tepoz Rosa’s activities.​​

This volunteer group now stands at 20 dedicated women, helping with campaigns, patient visits, etc. and acting as ‘ambassadors’ of the cause.​

They participate in training programmes and organize a number of workshops such as nutrition, tanatolgy,  occupational therapy such as handicrafts, painting, etc.


Our Data Base

  • Tepoz Rosa AC has created a professional data base of all the women registered in our campaigns, providing a complete profile of over 2,800 women aged 40 to 69 years throughout the Municipality.​
  • This enables us to provide vital follow-up to those women requiring periodic check-ups or those missing their annual screenings.​​
  • Tepoz Rosa AC handles the data according to the strictest rules of confidentiality and privacy.


In order to achieve its goals, Tepoz Rosa A.C., is wholly dependent on the funds coming from:

Individual and corporate donations as well as:

​Fundraising activities such as:

  • The sale of pur unique Recipe Calendar.
  • An annual luncheon.
  • A tennis tournament, amongst others.

The sponsors and benefactors of Tepoz Rosa A.C., during our nine years of operation include:

GNP Seguros | Estafeta | Hotel Boutique Casa Fernanda | Fundación Televisa | DIF Municipal de Tepoztlán | Tequila Cuervo | YMCA | Campamento Camohmila | Hotel Presidente Inter-Continental Guadalajara | Hotel Xcaret México | La Sombra del Sabino

and we are deeply appreciative of their support!


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