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Well installed in the newly-built CASA TEPOZ ROSA, this year has been one of growth and consolidation for our organization.

Two early detection screening campaigns for breast cancer provided a total of 658 free mammograms to the community; three cervical cancer screening campaigns provided 333 local women with the most complete testing available. In both cases, results were provided within a month and follow-up consultations and further testings made available where necessary.

Tepoz Rosa is deeply grateful to our partners and patrons – GNP Seguros & Fundación Televisa in the case of breast cancer screening and Amistad Canadá & Fundación Luis Pasteur for the cervical cancer project – without whose invaluable support and generous sponsorship these services would not be available. In this last project, Tepoz Rosa extends special thanks to the many donors from across Canada whose response to our fundraising efforts was so heartwarming.

Similarly, we are truly appreciative of the many donations and offers of help Tepoz Rosa has received throughout the year. An example was the recent fundraising lunch generously hosted by Casa Fernanda Hotel Boutique, where the response of everyone gathered to sponsor the different projects put forward by Tepoz Rosa, was amazing and inspiring.

It is important to mention the ongoing support – financial, logistical and psychological – that Tepoz Rosa provides the women currently undergoing treatment. From help in confirming appointment schedules, explaining different medical procedures, covering transportation costs, offering one-on-one professional therapy sessions, and organizing support group meetings, Tepoz Rosa accompanies all our patients in this difficult time of their lives.

All of this we are able to do thanks to the immense generosity of all our supporters and benefactors, both local and far afield, whose constant concern for our activities guarantees Tepoz Rosa’s continuity.

A heartfelt thanks to you all!

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And for all Canadian donors wishing to receive tax deductible receipts, please go to our partners amistadcanada.org and press “Donate now”.

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